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1. What is the age requirement for the USASA Veteranís Cup?

Each player must reach the minimum age requirement for a division prior to participation in that division. For example: a player must have reached 40 years of age prior to playing in an over-40 division.

  2. f I am over 50, can I play on an over-40 team as well as an over-50 team?

Yes, as long as you are registered and listed on the official Veteranís Cup roster form for both teams.

3. What if I want to play in the Veteranís Cup but my league doesnít offer an over-40, over-50 or over-55 division; can I form a new team, or join a team from another league or state?

Yes, as long as you have an official USASA tamper resistant, picture player pass, you can be entered on a teamís official Veteranís Cup roster and may play so long as an officer of the national state association in which the team is registered properly signs the roster.

4. Can I get information about the tournament location and travel package?

            Yes, go to

5. How many games will we play?

Each team is guaranteed three, full (90) ninety-minute matches. If your team advances beyond the preliminary round, or based upon tournament requirements, you may play up to six matches during the tournament.

 6. How soon can we expect to get our performance bond returned?

The $500 performance bond will be refunded to each team that successfully fulfills all tournament requirements. Normally, the bond will be refunded within a month of completion of the Cup.

7. If my home league allows us to use a driverís license as identification, can I use that as my player pass at the Veteranís Cup?

No! You must have, in your possession, a current official USASA tamper resistant, picture player pass to play in this USASA sanctioned national tournament.

8. I see in the tournament information that the all teams are required to attend opening ceremonies and team registration meetings. What happens if my team is not represented at these events?

Your team has provided a $500 performance bond to guarantee that your team participates in all Veteranís Cup events. The Veteranís Cup Committee, at its discretion, reserves the right to keep and not refund the bond of any team that fails to fulfill their tournament requirements. It is the opinion of the Cup Committee that all teams are required to participate in opening ceremonies, team manager meetings and play all scheduled games.

9. Will there be Veteranís Cup memorabilia available be available at the fields?

Yes. The local state hosting association will have items available for sale that relate to the local flair and environment. Also, the Veteranís Cup Committee offers items for sale.

10. What if I have questions or concerns about the Veteranís Cup, whom should I contact?

If your question is specific to the Veteranís Cup, contact your regional cup commissioner. The regional commissioners can be found at: or

 The soccerhawaii website has information on the Waipio Soccer Complex and general travel and vacation information.

 For any other questions, please e-mail us at:

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